Westgrove Homes For Sale in Alexandria, VA 

Westgrove is a small and affluent community in southern Alexandria known for its upscale single-family homes for sale. Located along the Potomac River, this attractive enclave shares common history with its next-door neighbor to the south, Villamay.

Both Westgrove and Villamay are in the greater Alexandria area rather than Alexandria City, and are thus part of Fairfax County. The two subdivisions are positioned between Belle Haven to the north and Fort Hunt to the south.

Westgrove evolved out of a large colonial land grant of some 471 acres of prime riverfront property that was granted to Roger West in 1789. Back in the early years it was the site of the West Grove plantation which was burned to the ground during the Civil War. Next-door Villamay dates back even further, to a 598-acre parcel granted to Thomas Sanford in 1703. These two tracts of land extended inland from the river and its accompanying greenbelt and into the hilly surroundings. Over time, the land changed hands numerous times, both through the natural process of generational change and through sales.

But apart from some long ago farmhouses and summer estates, most of which have long since faded away, Westgrove didn’t begin to residentially develop until the post-World War II era. A number of homes for sale were built on large lots from the late 1940s through the mid-1950s. The construction trend migrated to next-door Villamay in the late 1950s, continuing through the 1960s.

While there has been a slight trend in Westgrove toward new homes for sale, it has not been as noticeable as in other parts of the region. Instead, the majority of properties in Westgrove fit neatly into a narrowly defined range of styles, typified by center-hall Colonials, Ramblers and split-levels. Many of the residences have either brick facades or combinations of brick and clapboard, and nearly all are on very generous lots.

These baby boomer generation homes may not look all that fancy, but that doesn’t put a damper on prices. You can expect to pay at least $685,000 for a Westgrove property and most cost closer to a million bucks, if not over.

Backyard barbeques, strolls to the river and time spent in surrounding greenspaces such as Mount Vernon District Park, Westgrove Plant Park and the coastline Van Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve, are what life in this appealing neighborhood are all about. And if the quiet life ever gets too quiet, one can simply zoom up the coast via the George Washington Memorial Parkway and be in Old Town in minutes. To learn more about homes for sale in this affluent suburb near the river, call District Partners at Compass, (202) 798-3600.