Wellington Heights - Alexandria, VA 

Wellington along with its companion Wellington Heights, are small Alexandria subdivisions situated side-by-side along the Potomac River. With a rich variety of detached single-family homes for sale ranging from original mid-century structures for newer custom mansions, this is a highly desirable real estate marketplace. The two communities are not only part of the greater Alexandria area but also Fairfax County.

Wellington and Wellington Heights share a number of attributes with surrounding communities such as Villamay to the north and Collingwood to the south. All of these smallish neighborhoods are considered part of the Fort Hunt area, which is also associated with Mount Vernon further to the south.

This entire coastline area once belonged to George Washington, with a total of five farms dedicated to tobacco, grains and even hemp. Washington’s historic River Farm was located where the two Wellingtons and its closest neighbors now exist. You’ll still find remnants of that early age, from the original River Farm manor and its wonderful gardens (now home to the American Horticulture Society) to a few other scattered antique homes along the waterfront. But most of the residential development occurred after the end of World War II.

The late 1940s ushered in the first wave of modern era homes for sale in Wellington and Wellington Heights, with simple clapboard cottages and brick Ramblers built along the western, northwestern and southwestern fringes. The following decade brought more infill development throughout the area. Brick continued to be a popular building method, as well as clapboard and brick combinations with Colonial Revival, Cape Cod and split-level architecture joining the local setting.

The 1970s brought a slowdown in construction, but certainly not a complete halt. You’ll find a number of larger homes built during this period. More recently, there has been a trend toward very high-end custom homes, including waterfront estates. But even if you don’t buy a home right on the river, you’ll still be within easy walking distance. Wellington and Wellington Heights only extend about a quarter-mile inland from the Potomac.

Property prices in Wellington are a bit more varied then some other parts of the southern Alexandria coastline, starting in the high $500s and climbing to around $3 million. The number of older and relatively modest styles account for relatively affordable houses in a prime location. Of course, you can also spend big bucks if that’s your heart’s desire—homes listing in excess of a million dollars make up a substantial part of the real estate pie in these parts.

With an idyllic waterfront lifestyle, pleasant parks and great public schools, homes for sale in the Wellington Heights/Fort Hunt area are in high demand. But residents don’t have far to go to escape such a tranquil existence. Just drive north along the coastal George Washington Memorial Parkway and you’ll reach Old Town Alexandria and Washington DC in no time at all. To learn more about the real estate market in Wellington and surrounding communities, call District Partners at Compass, at (202) 798-3600.