Villamay Homes For Sale in Alexandria, VA 

Nestled into gently rolling hills overlooking the Potomac River in southern Alexandria is the lovely neighborhood of Villamay. This small subdivision is home to roughly 300 properties and lies south of Belle Haven and north of Fort Hunt. Due to its size, there aren’t a lot of active homes for sale. Regardless, Villamay is known for its highly appealing real estate from mid-century residences on large lots to truly spectacular custom homes.

Villamay has deep historical roots dating to a parcel of 598 riverfront acres granted to colonist Thomas Sanford way back in 1703. The land was transferred to William Dorell and his wife through Sanford’s will just a decade later. Later in the same century, an adjoining parcel of 471 acres was granted to prominent colonist Roger West. Those two land grants would ultimately become Villamay and its next-door neighbor to the north, Westgrove (known initially as “West Grove”).

As is often the case, the two large estates dwindled in size over the passing generations as portions of land were sold off. Old farmhouses and other structures came and went over time. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that substantial and sustained residential development occurred—this when a Texas-based land developer purchased 155 acres of the two original side-by-side land grants.

But even at that point, the construction of homes for sale in Villamay happened slowly. The first house was built in 1958 and a citizens association was created in 1960. The developer from Texas only built 15 homes in a decade’s time but other developers got into the act as well. The gradual process and a variety of builders resulted in a blend of architectural types, with Colonial Revivals, Cape Cods, Ramblers and split-levels. There are also a few examples of mid-century contemporary designs, although not nearly as many as in nearby communities like Hollin Hills (which is exclusively devoted to that style) or Hollingwood.

More recently, there has also been a newer trend of custom construction including tear-downs of earlier homes. Prices in Villamay—which is in the Fairfax County part of the greater Alexandria area—typically start around $700,000 and past the million dollar mark.

This small enclave is tucked in between Fort Hunt Road and the coast-hugging George Washington Memorial Parkway giving residents easy access to Old Town Alexandria and Washington DC. Residents also enjoy tons of verdant greenspace, with Mount Vernon District Park, Westgrove Plant Park and the natural greenbelt that runs along the Potomac River. To learn more about homes for sale in Villamay, call District Partners at Compass, (202) 798-3600.