The Wharf Homes For Sale in Washington DC

The Wharf is the “newest” neighborhood in Washington DC—a mile-long stretch of mixed-use retail, restaurants, entertainment and residential living along the Potomac River in the Southwest Waterfront district. This is where old meets brand new, from cobblestone streets and a rich maritime history to new glass and steel modernist condos for sale.

The joint venture from developers PN Hoffman and Madison Marquette (now known as Hoffman-Madison) features 25 acres of land and 50 acres of water along the Washington Channel at a reported cost of over $2 billion. Among the components will be three new piers jutting into the channel, along with everything from dining and shopping to a 6,000 seat capacity concert hall. Also key will be residential space such as the new 12-story VIO luxury condo development which is slated for delivery in the fall of 2017.

The Washington Channel is a historic two-mile channel of water that runs parallel to the Potomac River, emptying at the “Y” shape where the Potomac meets the Anacostia River. The channel has been home to various marinas, inns and restaurants over time, as well as the famous Maine Avenue Fish Market—in business since 1805.

The larger Southwest Waterfront area itself has seen significant transition over time. Once a thriving shantytown, there are still some very old surviving buildings such as four historic Wheat Row townhouses dating to 1794. But much of the original neighborhood has been razed over the years with subsequent redevelopment.

Among the waterfront’s evolutionary steps are 1960s mid-century modern components like the River Park Mutual Homes—a housing cooperative comprised of townhouses and high-rises, designed by noted architect Charles Goodman. The barrel-roof townhouses with their aluminum trim are unlike anything else in DC. Goodman was also responsible for the Hollin Hills modernist community in Alexandria.

But now the winds of change have ushered in the most ambitious redevelopment to date in the District. The Wharf’s promenade will include 3.2 million square feet of apartments, condos, office space, hotels, piers, marinas, parks, bars, restaurants, movies, outdoor cafes, jazz clubs and retail. As for the historic Maine Avenue Fish Market, it will remain in place with upgrades and additions including a market addition plus more than 10,000 square feet of outdoor seating space.

The Wharf melds new construction with preexisting landmarks, such as the Capitol Yacht Club which has been in existence since 1892. Also worth mentioning are the nearly 100 “liveaboards” at the various marinas—people who live on their boats full time. Those intrepid individuals will remain, with new docks to enjoy. Because the yachting life still matters in the nation’s capital!

This exciting new community in Washington DC has been in the planning stages for the past decade and is now gearing up for its grand opening in October 2017. With micro apartments, luxury waterfront condos for sale and so much more, the Wharf is proof positive of a city that continues to reinvent itself while not losing sight of what made it great in the first place. Call District Partners at Compass to learn more, (202) 798-3600.