Stafford Albermarle Glebe Homes for Sale

The most unwieldy name for a neighborhood in all of Washington Metro has to be Stafford Albemarle Glebe—try saying that three times fast. No matter, it still has a very fancy feel. Located in North Arlington and very close to the Fairfax border, this is a place where people speak in tweedy tones and attend black tie fundraisers.

Stafford Albemarle Glebe is a long sliver of a community, running along N. Glebe Road to the south and bordered by Jamestown Park to the southwest and the Chain Bridge Forest neighborhood to the northeast. It’s only about half a mile from the Potomac River, and also adjacent to subdivisions like Country Club Grove and Country Club Manor. And if you were to randomly guess that it’s also super close to the prestigious Washington Golf and Tennis Club, you would be entirely correct.

The development history here is quite compressed—nearly all the original homes were built between 1945 and 1955. Architectural types tend toward either brick or clapboard Colonial, as well as some Capes and early Ramblers. You’ll also find some interesting modern designs with flat, wide-overhang roofs. Add-ons and tear-downs are also fairly common. Homes for sale typically start in the high six figures and climb from there.

But as appealing as these mid-century Arlington homes for sale are, hopeful buyers will have to demonstrate patience. There’s typically only a few active listings at any given time and those properties are quite ardently pursued. Also, don’t bother searching for condos for sale in Albemarle Stafford Glebe—it’s not that kind of neighborhood.

Residents enjoy plenty of natural splendor here, from their own lush lawns to surrounding greenspaces like Glebe Park and the Gulf Branch Nature Preserve, as well as the aforementioned Jamestown Park. It is also not uncommon to spot deer wandering across back yards, or through the numerous stands of trees that wind through the area.

Stafford Albemarle Glebe—a place with a long name and known for its quiet streets and lovely homes for sale. And of course, the golf and country club where so many of Washington’s elite have spent leisure hours over the past century.