Why should you hire District Partners at Compass to sell your home?

It’s easy to find a real estate agency that’s willing to list your home, especially with a shrinking inventory of available properties. The question becomes a matter of effective representation. Some agencies are content to enter a property into a Multiple Listing Service data bank and wait for buyers and their agents to come calling. We have a different philosophy. We offer clients a proper application of real estate know-how, an effective marketing strategy, a clear understanding of technology and a determination to go above and beyond their expectations.Putting a property up for sale is a significant financial event. The decision of who to best represent your interests should go beyond simply listing the property with a family agent, friend or relative. To be perfectly honest, there are a staggering number of people who hold real estate licenses. There is a much smaller pool of professionals who actually make a living in the business. At District Partners at Compass, this is what we do full time. It is our profession and our livelihood and we take the job seriously.

Re-listing your unsold property should never be an option.

The failure to choose the right agent to list your home can result in an unsold property. It is that simple. The District Partners team at Compass utilizes all the conventional and unconventional real estate methods to market your home and ultimately sell it. This ranges from taking the time to hold open houses to finding innovative online marketing methods in order to bring listings to a larger range of potential clients. We look at our listings as a portfolio of important assets that are interactive and cross-promotional. Once we find a solid buyer, we move on to efficient negotiating techniques that will allow you to reach your financial goal.

Our Seller Representation System involves four fundamental steps that the agent and homeowner must go through in order to maximize returns. Ideally, the components of this quadrant should be in sync in order for the best possible outcome to be reached.


Presentation is a key component of selling your home. Prospective buyers come in with their eyes wide open. They’re not relying on an internet description or what their agents tell them to see. It’s important to take the time to straighten up, just as you would if you were inviting friends over to dinner or a party. You will receive effective advice from us on what is needed to showcase your home. The process doesn’t necessarily mean that you as the home seller need to spend too much time or money. It can require some time and effort, however, whether it’s cleaning, rearranging, mowing the lawn or even doing some home staging. Whatever it takes, we’ll be there with you to lend advice on how to make your home look its best, regardless of its age.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of pricing when it comes to putting your house on the market. You can have the most beautiful home in the area along with a good agent and marketing strategy, but if it’s unrealistically priced it will sit there unsold. On the other hand, we are moving into a sellers market and there’s no sense in undercutting yourself. The right balance has to be reached and we’ll help you find it.

At District Partners, we have years of experience and we’re able to adapt as the market goes through changes. We will provide you with an accurate Broker Price Opinion (BPO) and Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) in order to give you realistic and effective advice on listing your home. It’s also important to be aware of agents that will happily raise your expectations and give you an inflated estimate simply to get the listing. In these cases you can bet, that a “price adjustment’ conversation will soon ensue.

It’s a proven fact that overpriced homes will sit on the market until the length of the listing begins to work against its marketability and value. Days on The Market (DOM) can be the buyer’s best negotiating tool when presenting an offer on a house that has been sitting without activity for a long period of time.


The rules of the real estate marketing game are clear. The more people that notice your listing, the higher your chances are of getting it sold. There’s no exceptions to this rule – it’s a simple numbers game. Having a real estate marketing expert in this highly competitive environment will translate into realistic gains.

Our agency focuses highly on exposure. Your listing will receive the most effective marketing techniques available to let the world know that it is for sale. Our business is selling homes and if we’re not doing our jobs then we’re not making money, pure and simple. We work with highly visual marketing materials and tools to showcase your home through crisp and colorful, professional photography, interactive videos, virtual tours, websites, brochures and highly visible in social media.


Our years in the business have taught us that the best negotiating tactics involve being professional, truthful, knowledgeable and patient. And sometimes, there’s a need to be tough. We apply our collective team experience to negotiate the best terms in every contract, agreement or concession. Having buyers and sellers enter into a Meeting of the Minds doesn’t necessarily require being a rigid negotiator, but a smart one. We will guard and protect your interests, maximize your profits and make the transaction as pleasant as possible.