In real estate, it is all about marketing and proper pricing.

An effective marketing plan begins with the selection of a real estate agent who is well-versed in modern marketing techniques and that especially means the use of electronic media. The dawning of the internet wasn’t that long ago in terms of years but its impact has been immeasurable. Wireless telecommunications quickly became the indispensable twin to the developing worldwide web and within a generation, marketing and advertising had changed forever.

To be brutally honest, regional real estate was not the fastest or most eager partner for emerging technologies. There is a very simple reason. The real estate business has long been characterized by a network of cottage industries, many of which come under franchise umbrellas. It was traditionally an industry that relied on print journalism, word-of-mouth and weekend open houses. As a profession, real estate has had a longstanding appeal to people seeking a part-time or secondary income. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, many realtors, while welcoming the convenience of cell phones and online listing services, were slower to truly embrace the new digital age. It was simply easier to throw out a few yard signs on a Sunday afternoon and buy a small ad in the local paper.

At District Partners Real Estate, LLC, we are fully committed to a modern way of doing business and the results are undeniable. We are experienced real estate agents with a marketing mentality and a clear understanding of technology. This is critically important when selling a house in the competitive market of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Many real estate agents will approach you with the offer of low commissions and promises based on the name of their franchise. The speech often goes, “We’re in every town and people know us.” That’s an old-school mentality and to be perfectly honest, it ignores some basic truths. The big franchises aren’t offering their agents cutting-edge technology unless they want to buy it at inflated prices. These big-box companies have a bottom-line mentality – sink or swim on your own. They run a traditional numbers game, knowing that there’s always new part-timers willing to spend a week or two watching outdated video “education courses” on the way to getting their real estate licenses.

District Partners Real Estate is a true boutique agency. We invest directly in the success of our clients because that becomes our success. We’re heavily involved with technology because it works. We don’t have time to babysit part-time agents and we don’t rely on one-dimensional sales techniques. We understand that success is a collective effort that partners both new and traditional means. Our high number of transactions are a reflection of our years of experience, our deep understanding of marketing strategy and our commitment to maximizing the exposure of the properties we represent.

Today’s real estate arena is different. Neighborhoods may be local but the market is global. Buyers come from many sources and locations. They are no longer solely attracted by yard signs or print advertising. Buyers are more technologically savvy and they demand responses to questions within seconds. Take a moment and observe the people around you. Are they sightseeing or looking at their Smartphones? This may seem cynical but it is an essential truth – today’s curb appeal is viewed through small LED screens.

We expose your property to the world with clear and sharp visual content to attract the most demanding buyers.

In today’s market, before a buyer picks up a phone to make a call, they will want to see your property pictures on the web. They will want to virtually navigate into your property and share this event with others. And yes, they’ll probably make the call from the same device that they just used to view and share the listing.

The best way to sell your house is to bring people through your door physically and virtually. This is why we diversify the exposure of your home. This is why we cover all the bases.

Fact: Properties that utilize effective marketing tools will get 40% more visitors than those that don’t.

Fact: Today’s buyers are more technologically aware. On average, they will spend about two weeks researching properties before actually visiting their first target.

Fact: 85% of today’s buyers begin their search for homes on the internet.

Fact: Your property only has one chance to be a new listing. Proper exposure is key.

As successful real estate professionals in the nightly competitive Washington Metropolitan Area, we have a simple and obvious recommendation – start by hiring an experienced real estate agent with a marketing mentality and a clear understanding of technology. Don’t make a mistake!

Our marketing strategy includes:

Professionally designed property brochures, fliers and post cards with crisp HD color images and elegantly presented information.

Sharp, creative real estate photography to showcase your property features with superior definition and vibrant colors.

Listing syndication in all the major national real estate websites, including Google, Yahoo Homes, Trulia, Vast, Zillow, Homefinder, HomeDoorm Homedatabase and, just to name a few.

A custom designed property website with its own domain name, pictures, videos, maps, school and other important community information.

A guaranteed spot in the “featured property” section of our company website.

Revolutionary electronic fliers to showcase your property to prospective buyers and agents over the worldwide web.

An interactive set of electronic tools to efficiently expose your property features to prospective buyers.

An email blast to inform local agents about your listing.

A professionally installed yard sign to expose your home to drive-by prospects.

Highly effective and creative search engine optimization (SEO-Meta Tag Data Design) to attract web surfers to your listing.

A resourceful and innovative MLS posting that includes plenty of pictures and information.

Custom domain sign riders to attract drive-by prospects to your website where they can retrieve all the electronic information that they need.

Local newspaper advertising, a Craigslist classified HTML marketing campaign and more.

The most efficient way to sell your property in today’s environment is actually a diversified combination of methods designed to bring the most traffic through your door, physically and electronically. We will always be mindful of your preferences and will keep in close communication every step of the way.