Parkway Neighborhood Homes and Duplexes for Sale

There are a number of small neighborhoods in Arlington, Virginia but perhaps none are tinier than Parkway—a place that’s found on few maps. Separated from the I-395 by a ten-foot concrete wall, this micro-enclave has a single entrance off S. Glebe Road.  Longtime residents aren’t bothered much by freeway traffic sounds—the concrete barrier does its job pretty well. They also don’t mind their community’s anonymity.

There are only around 48 homes here, built between the early 1940s and early 1960s. Interestingly, these boxy brick Colonial Revival structures are almost all two or three-story duplexes with basements. The lots are fairly uniform at around 3,300 square feet and the residences are similarly small at around 1,400 square feet. Homes for sale are also quite affordable, usually running between $250,000 and $425,000.

There are only three streets in Parkway—S. Four Mile Run Drive, S. Cleveland Street and S. 27th Street, all of which connect to form a triangle. Residents also enjoy the Four Mile Run bike and jogging trail that passes by their homes. There’s also a few local commercial amenities, including an Exxon gas station and a Slavin and Sons Seafood, both of which are right at the entrance of the neighborhood. There’s also a nearby Giant supermarket and some other small businesses on S. Glebe.

And that’s Parkway, the tiniest of communities and a place where people tend to stick around. It’s cozy, reasonably priced and tucked away from any drive-through traffic. In fact, driving past the gas station on S. Glebe you would never suspect there were homes back there. Joggers and bicyclists on the wooded Four Mile Run trail might briefly notice as they pass by, but they’re soon gone. And life resumes for this patch of a neighborhood with its solidly built duplex homes for sale.