Livingston Heights Neighborhood Homes for Sale

It is not a large neighborhood by any means, nor is it particularly well known. But the Arlington enclave of Livingston Heights is home to some delightful old houses, some of which may even be for sale—if you are lucky. It is also sometimes referred to as Livingtone with an “e” Heights. This hilly little community is just west of Lee Heights and north of Lee Highway.

Why the confusion with the spelling of the name? This little neighborhood with its hilly and winding streets was named for Colin H. Livingstone, a railroad magnate who was president of the Great Falls and Old Dominion Railroad. Said railway was later converted to electric trolley use as the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad. The street now known as 24th Street—at the epicenter of the neighborhood—was also once known as Livingstone Road. But as time rolled on, the “e” simply vanished into the ether.

Once fertile farmland, Livingston Heights became residentially platted and developed beginning in the early 1900s with construction gradually increasing over time. The building boom such as it was, was pretty much finished by the 1950s. You may be able to find newer homes for sale in the area but they are the result of tear-downs or wholesale rebuilds.

Architectural styles in Livingston Heights favor a variety of Colonials, some farmhouse-styles, Craftsman homes, brick Ramblers and other mid-century cottage styles. Times have changed, of course—clapboard bungalows that once were common have often morphed into large Arts & Crafts designs, or other custom styles. Homes for sale here typically range between the mid-to-high six figures and low seven figures.

Residents of Livingston Heights don’t mind living in relative anonymity, cherishing the tightknit feel of their small but pricy community and blending in with Lee Heights, as well as Tara-Leeway Heights to the south. There’s a lively independent arts scene here, nearby parks and the popular Shops at Lee Heights on Lee Highway. This place is one of Arlington’s best kept secrets—don’t tell anybody!