District Partners Real Estate, LLC 

100% Commission Split Model, Servicing Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and Washington, DC.

The Washington DC Metropolitan area is rapidly changing, and so is the business of buying and selling homes. Enter District Partners Real Estate located in Alexandria, Virginia—a fresh and innovative boutique agency for the connected age. We’re all about change, and we’re looking for a few like-minded individuals.

Our agency has been around a while, yet it is also brand-new. Andre Perez founded district partners real estate (DPRE) in January 2017 as the next-generation off-shoot of District One Properties which opened in 2009. Perez has been a leading realtor in the DC area for over 20 years. With this new inception, the company is extending beyond conventional brokerage norms with an interdisciplinary emphasis on digital connections, while using creative thinking and interactive solutions to deliver the best results for our clients.

True to our name, we are seeking new partnerships with motivated agents who can take on a founding role in the company. If that sounds ambitious, it is. We want all team members to feel as if they have a vested interest in more than their own singular transactions.

What does all this actually mean? It’s pretty straight-forward. Technological advances and trends have enabled buyers and sellers to become faster and more sophisticated. As a result, those same buyers and sellers now have higher expectations of us as real estate professionals. To best meet and surpass those expectations, we must all work together, using state of the art tools to maximize client service, lead conversion, marketing, and efficiency.

We also have fun here, and take care of each other in an open and light-filled hierarchy-free workspace.

Say goodbye to fax machines and flip-phones and adopt efficient platforms like MAC, iPad, iPhone, Cloud and more. District Partners Real Estate is located in Del Ray, Alexandria. We’re a full-service brokerage covering Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.  And, we’re pushing the envelope with networking, social media, design and development, and establishing relationships with the global community that surrounds us.

Are you interested in breaking from tradition? Do you think you can sell a centuries-old row house on Instagram or Snapchat? That’s fine with us—we’re all about thinking outside the box.

DPRE offers a number of flexible compensation plans tailored to meet your needs, but our most popular by far is the 100% commission program with a $350.00 broker fee and $350.00 per closed case structure.

In order to accomplish our vision, we lean on technology and collaboration. We require agents to work on the Mac operating system and utilize our in-house technology and web platforms. Of course, as mentioned earlier, we also encourage your own outreach through existing social media apps as well as actual human interaction!

Our goal is to bring in new agents who feel they may have plateaued in their career, and take them to a new level as we embrace this new evolutionary step in our company. You’ll get freedom here, lots of great tools and support, and one-on-one coaching from Andre. District Partners Real Estate was created with the intention of preparing agents for the imminent shift in the in the real estate industry, through the auspices of a boutique agency that can keep up with change.

Yes, we encourage you to push boundaries. But we also want you to grow your business brand in an open, fun and accessible environment.

DPRE is just two blocks from Potomac Yard and few blocks from the Braddock Street Metro Station. We’re also steps from Mount Vernon Avenue and Del Ray’s terrific indie cafes and coffeehouses.

Come sit down with us. Let’s see how we can change the real estate world.


As real estate professionals in the Washington Metro Area, we understand the importance of the global marketplace and proper exposure. Our client base is extremely diverse and comes from all corners of the world. As the nation’s capital, DC taps into a unique revenue stream. This is not a one size fits all localized business model. For that reason, we invest sizable resources in expanding our marketing capabilities, so that you as a real estate professional can count on the latest and most appealing materials, tools and techniques, in order to reach as many people as possible, regardless of their location.


There are other 100% commission based agencies in the DC metro area, just as there are ones with rock bottom fees. As an agent, you have choices and we recommend that you explore them fully. It’s important to feel confident about your environment. At District Partners Real Estate, we provide a business model designed for the experienced and intermediate real estate agent looking for a modern, highly dynamic and technologically advanced agency. We are about the work and relationships.


District Partners Real Estate is conveniently located in the heart of Del Ray, Alexandria. We’re just a few blocks from Braddock Metro Station. We thank you for visiting the agency’s portal and for considering us as your new broker and business partner. We invite you to call today and experience the difference, for your career and your wallet.


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District Partners Real Estate, LLC is a privately owned and operated real estate firm, licensed to practice in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The commissions advertised on this page are subject to change. District Partners Real Estate is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes employment applications through the form provided below. District Partners Real Estate offers 100% commission splits for its agents in Washington, Maryland and Virginia, however minimum restrictions apply and not all candidates qualify for that compensation program. 100% splits are to be granted upon the successful completion of a formal interview with the hiring broker.