The real estate business has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Most agencies now maintain some sort of online presence and many make it a priority. The most widely used online real estate tool is the search engine for property listings. If you’ve spent any time browsing online listings you’ve probably experienced a variety of search engines, some of which are effective and some of which are frustrating. How many times have you tried refining your search, only to get bumped back to the same properties?

The District Partners search engine is localized for the Washington DC Metropolitan Area and designed specifically for buyers who are scouting properties in this particular region. All realty search engines rely on data from various multiple listing services. Our engine utilizes the MRIS listing service data.

At the top of out home page, is a search engine tab. Next to it is a tab for localities. By pointing your cursor to these tabs, you will be able to see various search functions and neighborhoods. Once you actually click the search engine tab you will be given basic choices, such as choosing a general area or city. If you’d like a specific neighborhood or community within the that city you will find a list at the bottom of the page. There are also basic search functions, such as property type, price range, square footage and number of rooms.

We like to say that our search engine offers all you need but only what you need. In truth, there are a number of search options, including the ability to custom design your search. Still, the beauty of the engine lies in its simple, direct functionality. We have learned from our visitors’ search preferences and we have used our own experience to create an easy-to-use real estate resource. We hope you find it useful and as always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Our goal is to make this page, the best web portal in the Washington Metropolitan are and for you to visit us often when you feel like scouting the local real estate market.

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