Collingwood Homes For Sale in Alexandria, VA

Searching for luxury homes for sale in a quiet Washington Metropolitan neighborhood along the Potomac River? You might want to check out a serene neighborhood known as Collingwood in the southern part of Alexandria, Virginia.

Collingwood is a subdivision of the larger Fort Hunt community and lies just south of Arcturus. It’s a relatively small enclave, but one with a rich variety of architectural styles owing to a lengthy period of residential development.

This neighborhood was originally part of a massive tract of land purchased by George Washington back in 1760. The acreage connected with Washington’s other nearby land parcels and plantations, including the famed Mount Vernon estate further to the south. The Collingwood land was used to accommodate nearly 100 dower farm slaves who had arrived with Martha Dandridge Washington at the time of her wedding to George.

A house was constructed and eventually expanded for the slaves’ overseers. That stately Georgian mansion and riverside grounds live on today as the Collingwood Library and Museum on Americanism. With its lawns and gardens, the estate is a popular site for weddings and other events. It should also be noted that the property was a noted dueling ground back in the day—used by Maryland aristocrats who were not permitted to kill each other for the sake of honor in their home state!

The original 1,800 acre estate (part of Washington’s 7,400 total acres in the area) was sold off bit by bit over the centuries—the original mansion now sits on an 8.7 acre lot of prime waterfront land. The neighborhood itself has grown up around the original grand old house, first with summer retreats built by DC’s upper class over the years and then further developed throughout the 20th century.

So what’s the end result? You’ll find a wealth of different styles including Colonial, Victorian, various Revival subsets, English Tudor, Mediterranean, Italianate and mid-century contemporary styles from split-foyer brick and clapboard houses to those with more modernist designs. Homes for sale typically start around $650,000 and quickly climb into the millions.

From Collinwood Park to the sizable portion of undeveloped land along the river, this neighborhood is a delightful place for nature lovers. Kids can attend well-regarded public schools such as Waynewood Elementary, Carl Sandburg Middle School and West Potomac High. Commuting is also easy, with the George Memorial Parkway winding along the coastline and providing easy access to Old Town Alexandria and Washington DC.

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