Brookland Real Estate For Sale

The community of Brookland in Washington, DC’s Northeast quadrant wasn’t any kind of hipster’s paradise a decade ago. But times have changed, powered by the continuing push east from city’s center as real estate buyers sought the next great affordable neighborhood. Naturally, the newfound popularity carried a Catch-22 with it—Brookland is no longer so affordable.

Once a place where foreclosures and fixer-uppers were commonplace, the real estate market is now dominated by the mid-six to low seven figure range. The neighborhood with its diverse charm and eclectic spirit is roughly bounded by Michigan Avenue NE to the north, South Dakota Avenue NE to the east, Rhode Island Avenue NE to the south and 9th Street NE to the west.

Other neighborhoods in the area include Edgewood to the west and Woodridge to the east, both of which are perhaps a step behind in their upwards transition but catching up fast.

This area predates the District, all the way back to land taken from Native-Americans and turned into early Colonial farms. Fort Slemmer and Fort Bunker Hill were built during the Civil War to protect the White House, and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad arrived in the 1870s. A streetcar line soon followed, and the Catholic University of America was founded in 1887.

Residential development ramped up substantially by the turn of the century, continuing in full force until World War II and picking up again thereafter at a lesser clip. Construction continues even today, with shipping containers that have been turned into modernist apartments, new upscale townhouses from Bozzuto Homes, and the $200 million Monroe Street Market with 720 residences, artist’s studios, retail and restaurants.

But despite newer homes and condos for sale, Brookland is still best known for its great old Victorian farmhouses, Colonial Revivals, Craftsman cottages, row houses and other older properties.

In short, this is a neighborhood that blends the best of old and new. There’s still very much of a local vibe but the influx of boutique businesses, new restaurants and recreational spaces like the 8th Street Arts Park continue to shape Brookland’s evolution.

Speaking of restaurants, new options spring up all the time along 12th Street as well as Rhode Island Avenue. Those include Nico, Steel Plate, Brookland Grill, Smith Public Trust, Brookland’s Finest Bar & Kitchen, and The Bespoke Kitchen with its chef plate gourmet events hosted by the chefs from East and Smile Catering. Also worth noting is the Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station, with a quick ride to Downtown DC.

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